Choose your Nutrition Plan:

"Add" Nutrition Plan & Advice Workout Program. 4 week - $30 add-on OR 10 week - $80 add-on .

$30 or $80

At this time MyFitness Pal is the only app that works with my online personal training platform for me to deliver you services. However, I'm still able to offer you Nutriton Plans via Microsoft Excel, which is more intuitive potentially than MyFitness Pal. If you're interested in this option please contact me by sending a message through this platform and we'lll be sure to handle your nutrition via Excel. You can expect

  • Weekly Check-Ins via your email if using Google Sheets (a gmail feature)
  • Daily Food Tracking
  • Progress Pictures & Body Measurements via the app

Nutrition Plan Options:


12 Week Nutrition Plan and Advice Only-No Workouts Included

This program provides more one on one  attention dedicated stricly to your nutrition and changing any bad eating habits to a healthy lifestyle--NO DIETS with my Nutrition Plans. You can also expect:

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Phone Call Check Ins
  • Weekly Check-Ins using MyFitnessPal or Excel (Excel is the preferred method in this case)
  • Daily Food Tracking
  • Weekly Phone Call Nutrition Lessons for the first 8 weeks
  • Progress Pictures & Body Measurements via the app
  • List of breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner options
  • Unlmited Nutrition Advice: "What to eat, when to eat, & why you're eating what you're eating"

By the end of this 12 week program you'll have a full handle on your nutrition and know how to eat to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Note: Most importantly with BOTH nutrition options communication is key and you must be committed to tracking your food!

Also, when purchasing your $35 10-week nutrition add on to your training plan you need to purchase this WITH your 10 week training plan. Otherwise, your 10 week nutrition start from the date you purchased your 10 week training program -- so don't wait! Currently, you will have to run two seperate Paypal transactions for the 10 week training program and the 10 week nutrition add on.


*Note: If you opt to cancel your online personal training program once it has begun, there are no refunds and your account will be deactivated immediantly.



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